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Top Outdoor Cinemas for the Summer

The digitisation of cinema over the last ten years has opened up a wealth of opportunities for people to view their favourite films outside of the traditional cinema set up. Although you can’t beat the popcorn scent of a cinema screen, the boundaries have been pushed to how people can view and enjoy old favourites or new blockbusters. Today we explore the best outside cinema screens the UK (and the world) have to offer!

1. The Luna Cinema at Brockwell Lido, London

In the sprawling Brockwell Park in South London is a lido beloved by locals. On a hot summer day, can you think of anything better than dipping yourself in some cold water? However, once the night falls, this is also a fabulous location for screenings of old, yet watery, classics. Having screened a firm childhood favourite “Splash” last summer, this was top of the list of outdoor cinemas. If you are feeling particularly sea-worthy, you can also hire the dinghies to float in whilst you enjoy your drinks and film under the moonlight.

2. Hot Tub Cinema

Following on with the watery theme is the world famous Hot Tub cinema. Having started 8 years ago as a hire for private parties, these screenings are taking place on rooftops in the UK, Ibiza and the USA. Encouraging guests to hire a whole tub or making new friends along the way, this is a unique way to enjoy your favourite films. Just don’t drop the popcorn…

3. The Nomad

The Nomad is a pop up cinema, sister to Indie boutique cinemas The Lexi in Kensal Rise. Since 2010, this cinema has screened a range of unique and special locations across London. Offering a festival atmosphere, everything is run by volunteers, with 100% of profit donated to The Sustainability Institute in South Africa. With beautiful locations across London, our favourite would be the stunning Brompton Cemetery, decked out with fairy lights.

4. Sun Pictures, Broome, Australia

Moving (pretty far) away from London we have the world’s oldest outdoor cinema in Broome, Australia – Sun Pictures. Since 1903, people have flocked to the unique tin building to see anything from silent films to today’s blockbusters. This was also the only picture theatre in the world to have been subjected to continual tidal flooding, with many theatre-goers simply lifting their feet whilst the water gurgled in. Luckily a levee stopped the watery invader, probably best before Jaws was released.

5. Taormina Film Festival

What better place to watch films than in a beautiful two thousand year old Greek amphitheatre! Part of the integral Taormina Arte, the well-established summer culture festival, viewers can take in the best of the film world in a stunning historical location.There is also a good chance you would catch one of the big stars in the crowd. We felt this had to be on our list not only for its unique and exclusive way to view a film, but also as we distributed our very own La Bohème Live from this spectacular setting in 2017.