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NEW Picturehouse Fulham Road - Our Review!

There is a delicate balance between decadence and comfort and Picturehouse seems to have found that midway point in some of its cinemas, particularly in the newly refurbished Fulham Picturehouse.

From the welcoming foyer, which resembles the old fashioned cinemas complete with art deco theme lavishly used throughout the building, to the decadent Members Bar with a view from the top, the cinema has all the comforts that you could hope for. Complete with a café to relax in or maybe get some work done and a lounge bar to while away the hours in between films.

With 6 screens and a variety of films and events to enjoy, you can expect anything you watch will be done in absolute comfort. Just be aware the stairs in Screen 4, there’s quite a few steps, the journey is not short. 


A mixture of Picturehouse hospitality and the glamour of the 1930s, Fulham Road is a beautifully designed cinema, aesthetically pleasing, with comfortable seats and many places to just sit and relax, whether you’re waiting for a film or not.